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BioKap Black Root Touch Up Spray 75ml

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BioKap Black Root Touch Up Spray 75ml

BioKap Black Root Touch Up Spray 75ml

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BioKap Black Root Touch Up Spray 75ml

BioKap Spray Touch-up A Perfect Solution The perfect solution for all women who want to hide regrowth between one hair colour application and the next one. Sprayed directly on hair roots, it perfectly covers hair regrowth, dries up in a minute and is washed away with just one shampoo. Moreover, it has all the benefits of a repairing treatment because it contains TRICOREPAIR, an exclusive natural repairing complex with a restructuring and protective action. Easy to use, it looks like a fixing spray, ideal for carrying it with you. It does not stain. It lasts until you wash your hair, a bottle guarantees 15-20 applications. BioKap Nutricolor Spray Touch-Up is a spray that simply covers perfectly the unwanted gray roots, ensuring always perfect hair between dyes, with a nutritional and booster effect thanks to the Tricorepair complex, which contains: Rice Proteins, with regenerative and rejuvenating hair action, similar to keratin. Tricedyl Salicylate, a willow derivative that protects hair from UV rays and prevents fading. Lipophilic fruit acne that protects the scalp during long-lasting color application, also suitable for the most sensitive skins. Organic Argan Oil, a nourishing oil that helps to prevent hair dryness. Panthenol: Vitamin B5 offers moisture and hair protection. PPD Free, Suitable for Vegans

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