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Ecozone Bio Laundry Liquid 5000ml

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Ecozone Bio Laundry Liquid 5000ml

Ecozone Bio Laundry Liquid 5000ml

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Ecozones 5L Ultra Concentrated Biological Laundry Liquid gives you 166 washes with perfect results every time. The Bio formula cleans tough stains like wine, grass, grease, tomato, etc using enzymes. With its specially developed plant-based ingredients it cleans on cool washes and is great on whites and colourfast laundry. Built against Ecocert to match the cleaning performance of the best non-eco brands. Fantastic cleaning power without additives and harsh chemicals.

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Aqua, Lauryl-Myristyl Polyglucoside, Alcohol, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Citrate, Parfum, Alanine, N, N-bis (Carboxymethyl)-, Sodium Salt.


1) Check the washing instructions, on your clothes. 2) Use the table below, and add the correct dosage to your machine drawer. 3) Wash as normal.