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Ecozone Enzymatic Kitchen Drain Unblocker 1000ml

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Ecozone Enzymatic Kitchen Drain Unblocker 1000ml

Ecozone Enzymatic Kitchen Drain Unblocker 1000ml

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2 applications per bottle. Ecozone Drain Unblocker is an enzyme based treatment for blocked drains. It contains specially developed enzymes that slowly eat away through tough blockages. The advanced formula actively breaks down fat, food, soap, grease, toilet paper and organic residues to cut through blockages in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. The scientifically proven enzyme formula will clear most blockages without damaging your plumbing or septic tank. Note: This is Not a corrosive acid based unblocker that can provide instant results, dissolve hair and damage your pipes. Used regularly, this product will maintain a free-flowing drain. If you have a seriously blocked drain Ecozone recommends to contact a plumber as opposed to using highly toxic products that are harmful to you and aquatic life.

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Shake the bottle well to activate.
Pour ½ litre into the affected drain.
Leave overnight.
Rinse with warm water the following morning.
Approved by The Vegan Society,
BUAV approved