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Ecozone Pan and Soleplate Cleaner 50g

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Ecozone Pan and Soleplate Cleaner 50g

Ecozone Pan and Soleplate Cleaner 50g

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Highly effective and durable, the Ecozone Pan and Soleplate Cleaner makes all the heavy duty cleaning jobs seem easy. You'll achieve amazing results when tasked with such challenges as removing burnt on stains from cookware, ovens, cookers and barbecues. Even your iron will look like new with a gentle rub from this magical cleaner. That's not all, it will even revive stained grout bring your tiles back to life. Products advantages: Easy to use. Ideal for heavy duty jobs. Deals effortlessly with burnt on stains. Revives grout . Suitable to use on metal, glass and ceramic. Approved by The Vegan Society. Non-toxic and not tested on animals. Approved by BUAV.

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The Pan and Soleplate Cleaner does not require the additional use of toxic chemical sprays, it deals with all the jobs you hate on it's own. Just dampen in a bit of water and rub on the affected area. Wipe with a damp clean cloth afterwards. It really is that easy.
Do not use on non-stick, chromed or polished coatings. Always test in an unobtrusive area first.