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Ecozone SAD Biobulb 25 W Screw 69g

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Ecozone SAD Biobulb 25 W Screw 69g

Ecozone SAD Biobulb 25 W Screw 69g

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Biobulbs issue a massive number of lumens, closely replicating bright sunlight that may help to improve your mood, sleep and energy levels naturally. This feel-good light is flicker-free and radiates less heat than standard bulbs, lasting for around 10,000 hours! Ideal for suffers of S.A.D our 100W equivalent gives out 1750 lumens (almost a third more than standard bulbs) while using only 25W of power. The Biobulb is not only a full spectrum light bulb, it saves energy too, and has a Colour Rendering Index of 85 and Correlate Colour Temperature of 6400K (compared to 2700K -3000K produced by a standard bulb).

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Product advantages:
•Replicates daylight believed to alleviate sufferers of S.A.D syndrome 
•Saves you money by using 75% less energy than a standard light bulb
•Long lasting, up to 10,000 hours
•Equivalent output of 100W using just 25W of power
•Flicker free