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Ecozone Water Softener Tablets 16 tablet

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Ecozone Water Softener Tablets 16 tablet

Ecozone Water Softener Tablets 16 tablet

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Ecozone Water Softener tablets protect your washing machine from limescale.
Regular usage of our Water Softener tablets can:
• Save energy by preventing limescale encrustation of the heating element maintaining an energy efficient appliance
• Save money by reducing the detergent usage
• Prolong the lifetime of the heating element
• Prevents the drum and workings from becoming incrusted with scale
• Helps keep a washing machine in tip top clean condition 

Washing machine manufacturers recommend regular use of anti limescale tablets. Just add one tablet to your laundry with every wash at any temperature with your regular detergent.

Product advantages:
•Protects your washing machine against the damage caused by limescale
• Softer water helps with better cleaning
• Free from toxic ingredients
• Vegan and cruelty free

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5 – 15% polycarboxylates
< 5% non ionic surfactants


Unwrap the tablet
Place in the drum before your clothes
Add your normal detergent
Wash as normal