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Protein Snacks & Bars

Most of us try to maintain a good, healthy, protein-rich diet - but it's sometimes hard to maintain in the fast pace of life. That's when these great-tasting, all-natural, healthy protein bars and snacks can form the 'bridge' for hunger and prevent you resorting to fast-food and unhealthy snacks between meals.

9BAR Breakfast Peanut & Raisin 50g
9BAR Breakfast Boost Peanut & Raisin is a great way to go. Super seeds with a healthy helping of satisfying oats and the great-tasting combination of nutty and sweet, it's just what you need as part of a balanced diet to set you up for ..
9BAR Carob Hit Chia Berry 50g
Carob Hit Chia Berry gives the 9BAR super-seed mix a chia boost and a raspberry ripple, then tops it all with a coating of smooth, delicious carob ..
9Bar Carob Hit Flax Seed 50g
Carob Hit Flax brings you all that 9BAR super-seed goodness with the added boost of flax and a deliciously smooth carob coating. ..
9BAR Carob Hit Fruity 50g
Carob Hit Fruity brings you a triple whammy: 9BAR super-seed goodness with lots of lovely, juicy fruitiness and a deliciously smooth carob coating. ..
9BAR Carob Hit Original 50g
A tasty treat with an edge of indulgence that's also a natural source of good energy, Carob Hit Original really makes the grade. If you're looking for a boost, it's packed with naturally nutritious sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and hemp seeds,..