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Genki Haramaki Orange Medium/Large

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Genki Haramaki Orange Medium/Large

Genki Haramaki Orange Medium/Large


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The haramaki is a traditional Japanese garment worn around the abdomen to maintain warmth and well-being. Our modern interpretation fits snugly, and its double, ridged layers ensure your warmth. Wear at home to relax, in bed for more restful sleep, or during sports and outdoor activities to avoid chills. The Genki Haramaki uses only the softest cotton, gentle enough to be worn directly against the skin, or as a stylish outer layer.

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97% cotton, 3% polyurethane.


The haramaki is designed to be worn next to the skin, providing a warm, supportive cover for your abdomen, tummy and kidneys. It is delightfully easy to take off and put on. Just step into it and pull it snug. Wearing it double layered between over the mid-rift between between the breastbone and over the hips. Alternatively wear it single layered as a strapless top underneath a jacket or blouse. When you want to remove it, just pull it down and step out of it. Then you can pack it away into the very small and easily transportable unit.