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Attitude Daily Shower 800ml

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Attitude Daily Shower 800ml

Attitude Daily Shower 800ml

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Our Motivation - This product was developed with uncompromised safety in mind and is made with worry-free ingredients. While cancer-causing chemicals, mutagens and reproductive toxins are still legally tolerated contaminants in household products, you won't find them in ours. Our Meaning - Representing hope and friendship, the Inukshuk is a symbol of our interdependence and our concern for one another. Inspired by this landmark of safety, we create the purest products for the health of our families and yours. Worry-free ingredients - tested by independent laboratory, Hypoallergenic, Septic tank safe, Not tested on animals, Vegan product CØ2 Neutral: We plant trees for your children.

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Caprylyl Glucoside (<5%), Myristyl Glucoside (<5%), Alcohol (<5%), Sodium Gluconate (<5%), Fragrance* (<5%), Aqua (>30%), *Derived from natural ingredients


Use Attitude Daily Shower 800ml ​daily on all wet shower surfaces. Specially designed to eliminate and prevent soap scum without rinsing, scrubbing or wiping. If your shower is very dirty, expect results in 3-4 weeks or wipe on first use


Keep away from children.