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AAAecigs AAAecig Coffee 16mg 500 Puffs

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AAAecigs AAAecig Coffee 16mg 500 Puffs

AAAecigs AAAecig Coffee 16mg 500 Puffs

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The AAAecig is a revolutionary healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Avoid over 4000 harmful chemicals by switching to AAAecig.

Use AAAecig anytime and anywhere including at home, your car, bars, clubs and even coffee shops.

The Coffee flavour AAAecig has the real flavour of coffee as a smoking sensation. There is no need to charge the disposable AAAecig. Ready to use straight out of the packaging. The AAAecig has a unique smooth flavour and taste with real sensation of smoking. Even see vapour when you exhale just like when smoking regular cigarettes.

The vapour is only water so does not cause harm to people around you so there is no passive smoking. Save a fortune when using AAAecigs. A person smoking 20 cigarettes a day will spend over 2500 pounds Stirling over a year. With AAAecig it will only cost 1000 Stirling. Saving you over 60%.

Thousands are switching to eCigs so why don't you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, your health, your wallet, your laundry bill and even your freedom!!!

- No Tar

- No Ash

- No Odour

- No Tobacco

- No Arsenic

- No Formaldehyde

- No Carbon Monoxide

- No Hydrogen Cyanide

- No Passive Smoking

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