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Atlantic Kitchen Wakame Seaweed 40g
Subtle sweet taste with a silky smooth texture. Use as spinach in salads or as a natural flavour enhancer in rice, quinoa and grains. Packed with protein, vitamins and minerals. ..
Atlantic Kitchen Sea Spaghetti Organic Seaweed 50g
Organic Sea Spaghetti Seaweed. Mild flavour, gentle al-dente texture, use with or in place of pasta. Add to vegetable dishes and soups. Does not over cook. A nourishing superfood packed with vitamins and minerals ..
Atlantic Kitchen Organic Dulse seaweed 40g
Organic DULSE Seaweed. Smoky rich flavour, use as bacon, as a seasoning or as a flavour enhancer in with foods. Wild-crafted, sustainably and ethically from Sea to Spoon. A nourishing super food packed with vitamins and minerals. ..
Clearspring Organic Atlantic Wild Dulse 25g
Purple-red organic dulse is the most popular atlantic sea vegetable with its soft texture and naturally rich savoury umami flavour. ..
Clearspring Organic Atlantic Sea Spaghetti 25g
Clearspring Organic Atlantic Sea Spaghetti 25g
Organic Atlantic Sea Spaghetti
Clearspring Organic Sea Spaghetti is sourced from the luscious waters of the Atlantic. Its subtle combination of salty and nutty flavours make it the perfect addition to a whole host of dishes. The short spaghetti-like strips can be simply ..