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Press Room

Below are a list of articles in the press that feature Vitalife.

New Healthy Sugar Smart Vending Machines at 1Leisure

The Isle of Wight Council’s 1Leisure service has teamed up with Vitalife Health to launch new healthy vending machines in its major leisure centres.

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Vitalife Plan to Shake-Up the Vitamin and Supplement Market

South Yorkshire based health products business Vitalife plan to give the big vitamin brands a run for their money with a new approach.They have developed a range of vitamins and minerals that feature absolutely no artificial or highly processed bulking agents/fillers like Magnesium Stearate and Calcium Stearate.

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South Yorkshire Based Health Business Vitalife Launches New Website

Vitalife, a health products business based in South Yorkshire, have developed a new ecommerce website allowing them to showcase their expanding range of products and to better access International markets.

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Matcha Green Tea Contains 137x Antioxidants of Standard Green Tea says Vitalife Teas

The University of Colorado discovered, in the Journal of Chromatography 2003, that matcha green tea (a powdered version of green tea - as sold by Vitalife Teas) contains 137x the antioxidant EGCG compared to traditional steeped-leaf green teas - making it a great way to detoxify and rejuvenate this January.

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South Yorkshire Based Health Products Brand 'Vitalife' Goes Nuts

Vitalife, a South Yorkshire based company, have recently announced the launch of a new line of organic coconut oil - marking their expansion from specialist tea company, to a broader health product brand.

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Lose Weight... With a Cup of Green Tea?

Vitalife Ltd, a South Yorkshire based specialist tea company believe they have the answer to effective weight loss - in a cup of tea. They have developed a unique blend of green tea, chilli, ginger, vanilla, cinnamon, and inositol (a B-Vitamin, never before used in tea) to deliver a metabolism-boosting brew.

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Specialist Tea Company Shows People how to Cook with Green Tea

South Yorkshire based specialist tea company Vitalife are showing people how to cook with green tea in their new 'Green Tea Cookbook'. From green tea ice cream, through to green tea poached prawns, they display the culinary delights of this popular green beverage.

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