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A Vogel Herbamare Low Salt 125g

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A Vogel Herbamare Low Salt 125g

A Vogel Herbamare Low Salt 125g

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Herbamare® Diet Low-Salt contains potassium chloride - a salt substitute - and is ideal for those on low sodium diets. Made in the same way as our normal Herbamare®, it contains fourteen herbs, vegetables and spices.

Salt substitutes do not deliver the same taste sensation as normal salt and can take some getting used to. The herbs in Herbamare® Diet Low-Salt help to improve the flavour of the salt, enhancing your meal in a different way from normal low sodium salt substitutes.

Herbamare® Diet Low-Salt is manufactured in the same unique way as our popular Herbamare® Original in our factory in Colmar, France.

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Potassium chloride, leek*, paprika*, onions*, lovage*, parsley*, celery*, lemon*, spinach*, horseradish*, thyme*, rosemary*, kelp, basil*, marjoram*, garlic* and magnesium chloride. *organically grown


Use A Vogel Herbamare Low Salt 125g in place of regular salt for a lower sodium, healthier alternative