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Decaff & Caffeine Free Teas

All the flavour, without the caffeine. Our range of caffeine-free and decaffeinated teas have been specially-selected to offer full-flavour brews suitable for those looking to maintain low-caffeine or caffeine-free lifestyles.

Equal Exchange Organic Fairtrade Masala Rooibos Tea 25bag
Small farmer Rooibos lovingly produced in the village of Wupperthal, picked and packed at source ..
Birt & Tang Chamomile Tea 50 Bag
Birt&Tang Camomile is 100% pure camomile tea made from the finest camomile flowers creating a very mellow, relaxing tea for anytime of the day or night. For years, people have used camomile as an anti-inflammatory, a mild sedative an..
Birt & Tang Easy Night Tea 50 Bags
Easy Night Herbal Tea is a blend of Chinese Herbswith ablizzia, lilly bulb and other flowers for times when you need to relax. ..
Birt & Tang Ginseng Herbal Tea 50 Bags
Ginseng Herbal Tea combines the four legendary Ginsengs with other energising herbs to add zing to your day. ..
Birt & Tang Mulberry Leaf Tea 50 Bags
Birt & Tang Mulberry Leaf Tea 50 Bags
Packed with Antioxidants
Birt & Tang White Mulberry Leaf tea is a natural, caffeine free drink that is packed with vitamins and minerals. Mulberry Leaf tea is full of antioxidants which are key in strengthening your immune system and in reducing your cholest..