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Times are changing, and it's becoming more clear than ever that everybody is unique. Technology and wider availability of testing are allowing us to better understand our bodies, and therefore help us to determine what we need to eat, drink, and supplement with to achieve optimal health and wellness. But whilst innovation in the field of testing and collecting your own health-related data has advanced rapidly in recent times, health food and supplement retailing hasn't kept-up with this progress. There's been a big disconnect between receiving this wealth of health and wellness data, and then understanding what you actually need to purchase in the way of health food and supplements, to optimise for your own health profile. It's usually left to the consumer to be pro-active and perform their own research to know what to buy. Until now. We're bridging the gap between individualised health data, and knowing what to do with that data - helping to guide you towards products that are suitable for you on a very individual level.
We take two approaches to personalising your experience - one is being as transparent and informative about our products as possible, and the other is less obvious to the user but uses advanced technology to customise search results and product recommendations. We offer as much information on product suitability, ingredients, and allergen information as possible - helping those that want to be pro-active and make their own product choices, to make an informed decision. Our proprietary, AI-driven search results and product recommendation software helps to highlight products that are more relevant to your individual health profile, based on data you provide to us, and your purchase/browsing history with us.


Environment and Health

We always try our best to minimise our impact on the natural environment - we do this in the way we fulfil orders, the partners we choose to work with, and the environmental credentials of the suppliers/brands that we choose to work with. Many of the brands you see on our website are B corporation certified, 1% For The Planet supporters, and are generally very environmentally-conscious in their packaging choices, raw-material sourcing, operational management, and much more. We always try to support and work with these brands as widely as possible, to maximise their positive impact. Our main courier, DPD, was chosen on the basis of them offering a carbon-neutral delivery service. We're also a zero-food-waste organisation. Nothing (except for a minute percentage of our stock that unfortunately, and unavoidably, gets damaged beyond salvageability) gets thrown away. We have a sister brand, www.lovehealthhatewaste.com, that helps us to sell-on any stock we have that goes beyond its Best Before Date - ensuring that any perfectly fit and edible stock doesn't just get sent to landfill, and instead is massively discounted through this platform - helping to make healthy living more affordable whilst reducing food waste at the same time. It's a win-win for all.
We are a small team, driven by a passion for health, fitness, and vitality. We are not a publicly-traded company, and our ultimate goal is not profit - it is to deliver a wide range of products that are suited to your particular dietary requirements and health profile. We want to celebrate the era of personalisation and bring health food and beauty retail up-to-date with this trend - so that people can optimise their diet, supplementation, and lifestyle to suit them. Our entire company is built on this foundation of a passion for health, and it is clear in the products we offer, the service and advice we provide to our customers, and the way we operate.


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