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Gluten Free

Be gone, Gluten! You won't find any in our delicious and diverse range of gluten-free goods - all carefully selected to ensure you can maintain a specific diet without compromising on flavour.

Barkat Gluten Free Vanilla Wafers 100g
Barkat Vanilla Wafers. Free from gluten, wheat, egg and peanuts. Suitable for vegetarians. ..
Clearspring Organic Gluten Free Brown Rice Mochi 250g
May contain traces of soya. Product weight - 250g The hearty flavour and unique, chewy texture of mochi has made it a natural favourite in Japan. When cooked, these ‘cakes’ soften and puff up becoming delectably moist and chewy. Simply ..
Granovita Pateole Yeast Spread Mushroom 200g
A vegetarian, mushroom yeast spread by Granovita. This product is gluten free and contains no meat or animal fat. ..
Alara Everyday Pure Oats Gluten Free 500g
Alara Everyday Pure Oats Gluten Free 500g
Everyday Pure Oats Gluten Free
These pure wholegrain oats make delicious, hearty, gluten free porridge ..
Alara Gluten Free Crunchy Oats Granola 400g
Yes, you too can enjoy a morish granola with all the benefits of wholegrain oats! Formulated to be delicious and healthy, this crunchy gluten-free cereal makes a guilt-free breakfast or snack. ..