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Oolong Teas

Half-way between green and black oxidisation, oolong tea offers the best of both Worlds. The deep malty flavour of black tea with the health-giving properties of green - it's a deliciously healthy delight.

Birt & Tang Gojiberry Tea 50 Bags
Birt & Tang Gojiberry Tea 50 Bags
Packed with Vitamins and Antioxidants
Gojiberry tea takes this Superfood, a traditional ingredient in Chinese medicine and combines it with other warming herbs and antioxidant rich oolong tea. Goji berries are packed full of vitamin C, B vitamins, iron and beta-carotene so a..
Birt & Tang Pure Oolong Tea 50 Bags
Birt & Tang Pure Oolong Tea 50 Bags
Aids Digestion and Helps Weight Management
Birt & Tang Pure Oolong Tea is a premium Chinese tea somewhere between green and black in oxidation. Oolong tea , also known as Wu Long tea, with heavier oxidation have been famous for hundreds of years for aiding digestion, stimulat..
Clearspring Org Japanese Oolong Tea Bags 20 bag
Clearspring Organic Oolong Tea is grown in the luscious rolling hills around Kyoto and Kyushu, areas known for their ideal climatic and soil conditions which produce some of the finest tea in Japan. Also referred to as Blue Tea, it falls ha..
Destination Organic Tea Loose Oolong 80g
Picked on the tea plants of the nature reserve of the WuYi Mountains, this blue tea from China is one of the most famous Oolong. With idyllic climate conditions, the leaves are much thicker. Red, they are rolled and pressed before being sli..
Dr Stuarts Loose Tea Oolong Blend 40g
Dr Stuarts Loose Tea Oolong Blend 40g
Loose Tea Oolong Blend
Dr Stuart' Oolong Blend Loose Leaf Tea is a fresh and flowery tea mixed with linden flowers, elderflowers and pomegranate flowers for antioxidants with a twist. Dr Stuart's only uses the finest ingredients he can find to ensure you a delici..