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About Vitalife Health

Ever wondered what ingredients like Magnesium Stearate and Calcium Stearate are doing in ‘natural’ food supplements? Or why the neuro-toxic ingredient Aspartame is still being used as a sweetener in products sold in some ‘health shops’?

Us too! That’s why we created Vitalife Health.

We believe that nothing unnatural, or highly-processed, however small the amount, or however well-hidden in the list of ingredients, should be present in any of our products.

Even if these ingredients are certified safe by authorities – if they are highly-processed, or if they detract from the beneficial effects of other ingredients, you will not find them in our range.

Our philosophy is that simple.

We believe that when you are taking a product for health reasons, and you are buying a product that is marketed as ‘healthy’ or ‘natural’ - it should be exactly that. 

So, when we discovered that Magnesium Stearate was a necessary ingredient to prevent the sticking of substances to machinery during high-pressure tablet production, but also that studies showed it could slow the release time of active ingredients in these tablets, we opted to remove this ingredient entirely and find a different way to do things – one that would not adversely affect the absorption times of active ingredients.

This is just one example of how our philosophy guides the type of products we offer.

For more insights on our philosophy or for more information on a particular product, please visit our FAQs page or feel free to browse our full range of natural products by using the menu or search bar towards the top of the page.