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Beans, Grains & Pulses

Peace and love man! Seriously though, beans, grains and pulses are no longer just the fare of the 'far-out'. They contain a great deal of protein, fibre and other nutrients to form the basis of a healthy, all-natural diet. 

Mr Organic Organic Borlotti Beans Tin 400g
Organic Borlotti Beans 400g Tin ..
Allnutrition Green Line - Quinoa - 500g
Quinoa, or differently Peruvian rice and thanks to its properties, is called the "mother of all grains". Thanks to the content of strong antioxidants, among others quartecins, coumaric acid and quinoa vanillin. It successfully replaces trad..
Amaizin Organic Gluten Free Baked Beans 400g
Our delicious Amaizin organic Baked Beans are based on the traditional English recipe. Covered with a sauce from sun ripened Italian tomatoes. ..
Amaizin Organic Gluten Free Lentils in Curry Sauce 420g
Our Amaizin Lentils in Curry Sauce are based on a traditional Asian recipe. Ready to eat and irresistible with our Amaizin wraps! ..
Amaizin Organic Gluten Free Soya Beans 400g
Our delicious Amaizin Soya Beans have been popular in China for centuries, thanks to their great nutritional benefits: rich in fibre and protein. ..