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Black Teas

From slimming Pu'er, to aromatic Earl Grey, through to plain old English Breakfast - our black tea range has everything to suit the fitness enthusiasts, the tea connoisseurs, and those that just want a refreshing, traditional brew.

Birt & Tang Figuro Herbal Tea 20 Bags
The ancient Chinese herbalists held that weight gain results from the retention of energy within the body. They sought to promote weight loss by using herbs to stimulate the breakdown of this retained energy. Figuro Herbal Tea blends ..
Birt & Tang Figuro Herbal Tea 50 Bags
Birt&Tang's Figuro slimming tea combines these traditional remedies with Pu'er tea, believed to increase metabolism and help to dissolve fats in the blood to aid weight loss and lower cholesterol. The subtle, naturally sweet flavours of..
Birt & Tang Ginger Herbal Tea 50 Bags
Ginger Herbal Tea combines the warmth of ginger with cloves and pu'er tea to make a stimulating brew. ..
Birt & Tang Puer & Chamomile Tea 20 Bags
Birt&Tang's Pu'er weight loss tea complements the strong taste of Pu'er with soothing camomile to make a great tasting brew. Pu'er tea is a type of black tea that is used in China as an aid to slimming. Its properties help to digest ..
Birt & Tang Pure Puer 50 Bags
Birt&Tang Pure Puer Tea is among the highest quality Puer teas in the world. It is hand-picked from old and ancient large-leaf tea trees that grow high in the remote misty mountains of Yunnan, China. The Chinese have been drinking Puer ..