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Base & Carrier Oils

Ideal for mixing with essential oils for aromatherapy or burning. Carrier and base oils enhance the application of essential oils in massage.

Aqua Oleum Avocado Carrier Oil 100ml
A luxuriously rich, highly nourishing, viscous skin & hair conditioning oil. ..
Aqua Oleum Coconut Carrier Oil 100ml
This light & odourless oil makes an ideal massage oil base & skin care agent. ..
Aqua Oleum Grapeseed Carrier Oil 100ml
A useful, fine textured oil with little odour, ideal for massage, blending & removing make-up. ..
Aqua Oleum Jojoba Carrier Oil 100ml
This odourless & stable ‘liquid wax’ makes an invaluable massage oil base & skin care agent. ..
Aqua Oleum Wheatgerm Carrier Oil 100ml
A rich reddish oil, high in vitamin A, D, E and lecithin. ..