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Feminine Hygiene

Our range of feminine hygiene products are organic, chlorine-free, plastic-free, and completely biodegradable - making them some of the kindest, most sensitive, and environmentally-friendly products on the market. 

Here We Flo FLO Applicator Tampons 1 Pack
FLO organic tampons feature 100% organic hypoallergenic cotton with silky-smooth, BPA-free compact applicators - the favourite applicator style in the UK - free from harsh bleaches & synthetics. The Get Set Pack (unit) is combo pack of ..
Here We Flo Non-Applicator Tampons, Combo 1 pack
Here We Flo Non-Applicator Tampons, Combo 1 pack
Non-Applicator Tampons, Combo
A combo pack of 16 organic cotton non-applicator tampons: 8 Regular + 8 Super. ..
Higher Nature V Gel 75ml
- Gently moisturises dry, sensitive vaginal skin - May help to enhance pleasure and comfort during sexual intercourse - Encourages natural vaginal moisture - Can be used with latex condoms and tampons - Safe if swallowed and fragrance-free ..
Nads Brazilian & Bikini Wax 140g
Nads Brazilian & Bikini Wax 140g
Brazilian & Bikini Wax
DIY BRAZILIAN AND BIKINI WAXING AT HOME WITH SALON QUALITY RESULTS! Specially developed for the strong, coarse hair of the bikini area, naturally enriched Nad's Brazilian & Bikini Wax locks on to the hair so it can be removed from the r..
Natracare Dry & Light Inco Plus Pads 16 pieces
Soft & discreet, Dry & Light Incontinence Plus pads are the first of their kind; made from TCF, sustainable & natural materials free from SAP and perfumes. The Plus style absorbency is suitable for stress-induced incontinence (S..