• Ecobrands Zap It Mosquito Bite Relief 30g
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Ecobrands Zap It Mosquito Bite Relief 30g

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Zap It - Pain relief from all insect bites and stings Zapperclick works by the rapid expansion and contraction of crystals that takes place when you press the activating button. This creates a harmless impulse, similar in effect to a mild static electricity charge. No battery is required, it is non toxic and there is no sticky mess. The anti-histamine piezo principle is proven to work successfully on mosquito and horsefly bites as well as jelly fish and nettle stings. Use Zapperclick on a new bite as soon as possible after you have been bitten. Older bites are sometimes troublesome; zapping helps to soothe the itch and avoid the scratching, which can be a cause of infection. ZapperClick will treat up to 1,000 bites. Clinical Trial: The University of Bergamo, Clinical Trial 1997 with 100 patients concluded 92% of patients were itch free 5 minutes after being treated with a piezodetoxifier.

1 Zapperclick applicator and cord.

Place flat end directly on the bite/sting and press the button 5 time or more.

Not for use by children under 4 years. Do not use near eyes or lips and avoid sensitive areas such as pulse points. Not suitable for those fitted with a heart pacemaker. Do not use directly after applying insect repellent.

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