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Brita Classic Water Filter 1 Pack

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Brita Classic Water Filter 1 Pack

Brita Classic Water Filter 1 Pack

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The BRITA Classic cartridge reduces limescale, chlorine and impurities. The result is cleaner, clearer great tasting hot and cold drinks.

  • Each BRITA cartridge will filter around a months supply of water for the average family
  • Change the cartridge every 4 weeks for best results
  • Fits all BRITA Classic jug systems
  • Suitable for all water types
  • BRITA cartridges are 100% recyclable
  • One water filter cartridge supplied

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Replace your jug's filter every 4 weeks for maximum filtration performance.

1. Immerse filter in cold water and remove all air bubbles

2. Put filter in position in your jug and fill with water. Repeat this process again so the filter runs through two full jugs of water before use

3. Now the filter is ready to use!