• Fatty's Organic Spirits Organic Vodka 700ml
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Fatty's Organic Spirits Organic Vodka 700ml

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Fatty's Organic Spirits Organic Vodka 700ml is a classic English vodka, but with all the fabulousness of being 100% organic. Distilled for ultimate purity, to create a perfectly balanced and incredibly smooth, rich, and creamy vodka. All our products are 100% organic, from the alcohol grain to the botanicals, they are free from chemicals, pesticides, and GMOs, which creates a much cleaner and smoother spirit. But I don't just stop there, even the ink on the bottles is organic and environmentally friendly. Enjoy as a simple vodka and tonic with a lemon wheel and rosemary to garnish, or get experimental with some vodka cocktails!

Follow the instructions on the packaging.

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