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Our range of stock cubes and seasonings include gluten and lactose free options, alongside healthier low-salt alternatives. We also have a range of organic herbs. Everything you need to boost the flavour of your dishes and keep them healthy!

Al'Fez Baharat Spice Mix 42g
Al'Fez Baharat Spice Mix 42g
Baharat Spice Mix
Lebanese bahrat - "7 spice mix" - Classic Middle Eastern spices for authentic dishes and all-round sesaoning ..
Al'Fez Ras el Hanout 42g
Al'Fez Ras el Hanout 42g
Ras el Hanout
Moroccan Blend - Ras el Hanout Spice mix - a wonderfully aromatic seasoning for meat and vegetable dishes ..
Al'Fez Sumac 38g
Al'Fez Sumac 38g - an authentic tangy, lemony spice used in Middle Eastern cookery ..
Al'Fez Za'atar 38g
Za'atar is a generic name for a family of related Middle Eastern herbs. This blend is versatile, warming and delicious. Use as an addition to a hearty soup, sprinkle over Butternut Squash before roasting; add to mashed Advocado for a ..
Amaizin Organic Coconut Milk Tin 200ml
Delicious, creamy coconut milk in easy-opening tin. ..