• Fungtn Chaga Lager - 330ml
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Fungtn Chaga Lager - 330ml

  • NO Gluten

Contains No: Gluten

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0.4% ALCOHOL FREE- A crisp refreshing dark lager with a malted, chocolate nose and full rounded body - Enhanced with organic Chaga. Fungtn is the first alcohol free craft beer brewed with functional mushrooms for a more mindful beer

ORGANIC, WILD HARVESTED CHAGA- Our Chaga Lager contains nutrient packed Chaga, a fungi nutritional powerhouse rich in antioxidants- We use a high-quality dual extract grown on Siberian birch providing active nutrients unique to Chaga mushrooms

SUPER FOOD MUSHROOMS- brewed with functional mushrooms, known as adaptogens - plants & fungi that help our bodies adapt to stress, regulating normal functioning of the immune system, hormones, and sleep patterns

GLUTEN FREE- Our lager's gluten grains are naturally broken down by enzymes in a tank, taking it to less than 10 parts per million - All our mushroom extracts are also 3rd party DNA tested for purity of mushroom source, heavy metals and contaminants

VEGAN FRIENDLY- Completely suitable for vegan & vegetarians and have been used in health and wellness for thousands of years for their immune supporting and health-giving benefits. They also make a banging beer!

Water, Hops, Barley, Malt, Wheat, Yeast, Chaga

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