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Nuts In Ya Mouth Pizza Nuts 200g
Our Amazing Pizza really taste like pizza! We put together an organic vegetable powder mix consisting of tomato, garlic, onion with a hint of rosemary and salt, which are wrapped around Cashew and Hazelnuts. ..
Pip and Nut Unsweetened Almond Milk 1000ml
Pip & Nut Unsweetened Almond Milk 1L, Absolutely no stabilisers, gums or refined sugar! ..
Pip and Nut Super Roasted Peanut Butter 225g
Pip & Nut's Super Roasted Peanut Butter has an extra rich, nutty flavour thanks to the peanuts being roasted for longer. It's topped off with extra crunchy pieces of real peanut, making this peanut butter 'super' indeed. ..
Pip and Nut Smooth Peanut Butter Tub 1000g
Naturally nutty smooth peanut butter with a sprinkling of sea salt A great source of protein & vitamin E Mix into porridge, spread onto toast, or use in cooking & baking Spoil your store cupboard with a jar of Pip & Nut's rid..
Pip and Nut Smooth Peanut Butter 400g
Pip & Nut's Smooth Peanut Butter is made from just-roasted high-oleic Argentinian peanuts and a sprinkling of sea salt. That's it. Naturally nutritious and ridiculously tasty, this nut butter can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner...