• Naturhelix Organic Body Candle Peppermint 5pair
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Naturhelix Organic Body Candle Peppermint 5pair

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Naturhelix Organic Body Candles are made from 100% organic certified ingredients only. The Naturhelix Organic Body Candles are made from organic beeswax, organic unbleached cotton and organic essential oils. Great design, fully handmade. Triple protection system, reinforced packaging.

Organic beeswax, organic unbleached cotton and organic essential oils


Accessories: one pair of ear candles (we treat the two ears), one protective disc (supplied with pack), a glass of water (for putting out the candles), cotton face cloths or cotton treatment clothes to cover the area of the ear and the hair, matches or lighter.

The patient should lie comfortably on his side, so that his head is in horizontal position and the assistant can easily reach the ear. Cover the patient's hair and shoulder with the treatment cloth.

Place the protective disc between the base of the candle and the marker line. Light the upper wider end of the candle.

Wait until the chimney effect is formed (maximum 30 seconds) and the smoke leaves only upwards. (on the right side)

Gently insert the narrow filtered base of the candle into the entrance of the patient's ear canal. The protective disc should be positioned above the assistant's hand during the treatment.

When the candle has burnt down to 1 cm above the marker line, remove it from the ear and extinguish it carefully in the glass of water. Then treat the other ear in the same way. After the treatment it is recommended for the patient to stay lying and relax for 10-15 minutes.

Note always read the label and DO NOT preform Ear Candling on your own.


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