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Kissa Black Pearl Tea Bowl 1pieces

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Kissa Black Pearl Tea Bowl 1pieces

Kissa Black Pearl Tea Bowl 1pieces


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You are looking for YOUR Matcha Moment and irresistible taste? With our handcrafted, original japanese Matcha Bowl (Chawan) will assure you of both?? It showcases the green color of your Matcha to the fullest. Each of our bowls is one of a kind. In loving handicraft, your bowl is made out of all natural Shino clay in the japanese city Gifu. 

Each bowl is unique in its shape and color. The irregular shape is well intended – not only because we find it beautiful but also because you can recognize the rolling landscape of Japan in it. The black and silver glaze is food-safe and strictly inspected, since supreme quality and naturalness take top priority for all our KISSA products. The glaze is applied carefully and the individual pattern is formed when firing the Matcha Bowl. As a result you get your own Matcha Bowl, that is one of a kind for sure! The black glaze lets your Matcha shine even greener – in a way it emphasizes your Matcha’s complexion. We believe our bowl has high potential to become your new favorite piece: cause every woman needs a “little black one” for her cupboard, tea table or wherever the Matcha Bowl takes its seat. 

Take your time, foam up your Matcha with your Matcha Whisk and Matcha Bowl and enjoy the moment to the fullest. 

By the way: Your Matcha Bowl will arrive at your house in a premium, pink gift box.

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