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Pet Health

Pets become an integral part of the family and we like to look after them as much as we can. That's why we've carefully selected natural supplements for pets, to help maintain your furry friends.

Benevo Pawtato Blueberry Sticks 120g
Benevo Pawtato Blueberry Sticks 120g
Pawtato Blueberry Sticks
Benevo Pawtato Sticks are a delicious low-fat plant-based treat for your dog. Made with sweet potato and rice, with a blueberry flavoured filling. Provides a source of fibre for healthy digestion. Sweet potato provides these chews with a..
Benevo Pawtato Knots Small 150g
Benevo Pawtato Knots Small 150g
Pawtato Knots Small
Benevo® Pawtato Knots are vegetarian and vegan, containing only natural ingredients, completely free from GMO ingredients and despite their appealing orange appearance have no artificial flavours or colours. These mouthwatering Pawtato K..
Benevo Puppy Original 2000g
Benevo Puppy is a complete vegetarian puppy food with a special wheat free recipe, making it ideal for those dogs that also suffer from sensitivities to wheat protein (a common ingredient in dry dog foods). The rich, naturally vegan comb..
Benevo Rumble Strips 180g
Benevo Rumble Strips are soft chewy vegan strips with an appetising aroma. Ideal for a reward or a conditioner. They can easily be torn or cut into smaller pieces. Formulated without meat, fish, dairy, eggs or soya. Vegetarian Societ..
Bio-Strath Anima-strath Liquid 250ml
ANIMA-STRATH is a natural and highly effective feed supplement suitable for all animals - cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, hens, cows, calves, pigs and horses etc.. A special process is used to combine yeast cells with cells of plants and the..