• Buko Organic Coconut Jam Chocolate 330g
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Buko Organic Coconut Jam Chocolate 330g

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Buko coconut jam is the first to be certified organic by the Soil Association. Our jams are naturally sweet, healthy, delicious, GMO and gluten free with no refined sugars. They have a variety of uses such as a traditional spread on toast, pancake/dessert toppings, added to smoothies, mixed in cocktails or straight from the jar.

Organic Coconut Jam with Chocolate.

Buko Organic Coconut Jam with Chocolate is ideal when generously spread over bread or rolls. It also makes for a tasty ingredient in smoothies, cakes, pastries and biscuits.

Please note: Product may sometimes shows noticeable virgin coconut oil separation at the top layer or bottom, with a fine granulation of coconut nectar. This does not in anway affect the product quality, and provides a further indication that the product is 100% natural with no added stabilizer.


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